What is the School Chess League (SCL)?

The SCL is a school team chess competition open to Primary and Secondary students attending school in Western Australia.

Who can play in the School Chess League?

All Primary and Secondary school students can participate in the School Chess League. Any player who participates in the SCL represents his/her school. Homeschooling teams are also allowed to enter. No clubs or organisations are allowed to enter.

My child loves playing chess but they don't have a chess club/team at the school. What to do?

The League is structured the way that even one student can represent his/her school. Each tournament (except for the finals) has a team and individual competitions. To fight for the team standings the team should consist of four players (their points are combined to get the team score). If your team consists of only one or two players, most likely it won't be able to win the team competitions but each player of your team still has a chance to play for individual prizes.

My school is not interested in organising a chess team, but my child would like to play. What to do?

You don't have to have permission from the school to participate in the chess competitions. The tournaments are held on Sundays afternoon and go for 3-4 hours. Sign up for one tournament and see if your child likes it. Many parents then find like-minded parents/children in their school to form a team of four or more players and start playing competitive chess.

Why should I play in the School Chess League?

Chess provides great educational opportunities for children including practising their concentration skills, being able to plan, make decisions and dealing with the consequences of those decisions. Most importantly, chess is a very fun game for children.

Am I good enough to play in the School Chess League?

Short answer - yes, you are. Long answer - the tournament format for all School Chess League events is inclusive to players of all strengths. Players should ensure that they are aware of the rules of competitive chess (players may ask an arbiter if they have any questions about this) but beyond that, there is no minimum limit. Note that the tournament format is designed such that while players new to tournament chess may struggle initially, they will soon come up against players of similar ability.

Can I participate in more than one event?

Yes, students may participate in as many events as they wish

When is SCL being held?

Zone events will be held throughout term 1 and 2 on their scheduled dates

When are the finals held?

Please refer to the "WA SCL Finals" tab for more information. A separate final for Primary and Secondary Girls will be held. Please refer to "Girls competition" tab.

How are teams selected to represent Western Australia at the annual Australian Schools’ Teams Chess Championships (ASTC)?

The winning team in the Secondary Schools Final will be selected as WA’s Secondary Open team for the ASTC. The winning team in the Primary Schools Girls Competition will be selected as WA’s Primary Girls team for the ASTC. The winning team in the Secondary Schools Girls Competition will be selected as WA’s Secondary Girls team for the ASTC.

Is it compulsory to record moves at School Chess League events?

No, it is not compulsory to record moves.