North Woodvale Primary School 4 Chichester Drive, Woodvale WA 6026

7th March 2021, 1 pm - 4:30 pm


Northern Zonal 2021 Schools Chess League Tournament

On Sunday, 7th March the first 2021 Schools Chess League tournament (the Northern Zonal) was held at the North Woodvale Primary School. There was a record attendance of 81 players (59 Primary School students and 22 Secondary students). The 7-round allegro style tournament was obviously very popular.

An influx of late registrations meant it was not possible for the tournament to start on time. However, the organisers coped with this admirably and the Primary Division finished on time and Secondary Division shortly afterwards. The issue of late registrations will be circumvented in future SCL zonal tournaments.

Primary Student Division

With 59 players representing 29 schools, it was obvious that this was likely to be a closely fought contest from both a school and individual player perspective. Rosalie Primary School won the event closely followed by the Lake Joondalup Baptist College and in third place the Wembley Home School. Midland Home School was in fourth position followed by Mt. Lawley Primary School (5th) and St. Paul’s Primary School, Mt Lawley (6th).

The first three placed individuals all scored 6/7 and the placings had to be decided using the Buchholz score. Liam Raptis was first (Midland Home School), second was Eric Deng (Lake Joondalup Baptist College) and third was Noah Taylor (Wembley Home School). These results highlight the strong performances from our home school players. Kobe Wu (Rosalie Primary School) with 5/7 was the leading girl player.

List of School Prize Winners:

1st : Rosalie Primary School ( Jeremiah Ng, Benjamin Tran, Oliver Tran and Kobe Wu).

2nd : Lake Joondalup Baptist College ( William Addison, Eric Deng, Chris Jiang, Toran Flanagan, Kevin Cong, Ethan Dube, Raphael Steyn and Sophie Rizzo : the first four players as the best school performers received trophies).

3rd: Wembley Home School: (Ethan Luo, Annalise Taylor, Joshua Taylor and Noah Taylor).

List of Individual Prize Winners:

1st: : Liam Raptis 6/7

2nd : Eric Deng 6/7

3rd : Joshua Taylor 6/7:

Best Girl: Kobe Wu 5/7

Secondary Student Division

The Perth Modern School team were clear winners in the Secondary Division followed by Christ Church Grammar (2nd) and Shenton College (3rd). Strong individual performances secured the 4th (Wesley College), 5th (Kingsway Christian College) and 6th places (Bob Hawke College).

The tie for first place was broken using the Buchholz scores with the winner being Shannon Koh (Wesley College) with 6/7. On the same score was the Best Girl Celine Ong (Kingsway Christian College) closely followed by Iker Hernandez Mendez (Bob Hawke College) with 5/7, with Rayan Jape (Perth Modern School) on the same score.

List of School Prize Winners:

1st :Perth Modern School, ( Rayan Jape, Obi Rogers, Ram Manav Soni and Jasmine Wu).

2nd : Christchurch Grammar School, (Kevin Chen, Sean Chen and Andy Wu).

3rd: Shenton College: (Dayroush Rafiei Darani, Casey Florence, Grace Johnston, and Christopher Loh).

List of Individual Prize Winners:

1st: : Shannon Koh 6/7

2nd : Celine Ong 6/7 (Best Girl)

3rd : Iker Hernandez Mendez 5/7:

4th : Rayan Jape 5/7

Separate to the above a small novice tournament was run by Paul Harris. The winner was Kaviru Perera.

Special thanks to the following people, Andrew Hardegen for setting up the tournament files; Dennis Holland, Chief Arbiter; John Pimenov for working with the Vega files and handling a multiple of questions from players and parents; Faith Tee and Kim Harris for registration and welcoming, Paul Harris for assistance with Vega files and running the novice tournament and Fred Maris Assistant Arbiter, for the Primary Division.

All individual standings and parings can be found here

Alan Wolstencroft